Reverend Agnita Oyawale, the Town Centre Chaplain is commissioned to be an ambassador to the community in Central Bromley.
She visits businesses and listens to their concerns, holds prayer meetings and bible studies.
She shares the Lord Jesus out of the church buildings and into the community.

The Role of the Chaplaincy

Creating understanding and trust between the faith and comercial communities.

All people are precious. Each one of us is special and unique. Sadly there may be times when we’re not treated as such, and when things get tough , who can we tell? Who can we trust? We often have to put on a home-face, work-face, or a mates-face. We can’t be real! We can’t talk about what really matters. We’re afraid of what our friends may think of us or what they may tell others. We seem to be so alone…

The Bromley Town Chaplaincy is a team of people who care! who you can trust! Who are outside your situation and will keep what you say confidential!

Many of the problems which really affect us are not so much the issue in question, but that we have lost our perspective – our sense of proportion. This is why other people’s problems seem much easier to solve than our own and why just talking about, or through, an issue can often resolve an issue, or certainly make it more manageable.

The Bromley Town Chaplain says to business and other organisations: “The health and success of the employer is directly affected by the health and well-being of their work-force… As chaplains, we can often help people simply by listening to them and being sympathetic. Some issues though are more serious and may need professional help. In these circumstances, the discussion with the chaplain may provide the support the individual needs in order to seek such help.”

Bromley Town Chaplaincy provides a personal confidential listening ear and is funded by the churches in Bromley. The Chaplaincy is an outworking of our Christian faith in that God loves and cares for us all and we should treat each other as we would like to be treated. We therefore are non-judgemental and supportive and have no agenda other than to give people the opportunity to talk about what they may wish to and what they may need to.

Our services are free and offered to those of all religions and none, regardless of race, creed, colour, or gender.